Monday, October 6, 2008



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sea and Sky Journal! We made our first collaborative photo post on October 6th, 2007 and can hardly believe that it's been an entire year! We are so thankful for all our loyal viewers and the many comments you've left us. Knowing that people all over the world are looking for our pairings every day has gotten us both through the toughest year of our lives.

We both lost our Fathers this year and many, many, people stepped in to help us keep Sea and Sky going during our roughest months. We cannot thank you enough! Also, having this little moment, a spark, if you will, where we come together each day to create something new and (usually) wonderful has brought us both a little bit of unexpected joy.

For our 1st birthday we will be making a few small changes so stay tuned for those!

As a mini-celebration, here are some of our favorite posts:











snappingtwig said...

so happy about this news....

love coming over to be inspired.......
your image pairings are mesmerizing to me.

Elizabeth said...

happy blogiversary!

gorgeous images - I don't remember seeing all of them. I particularly love the icy dock - the blue of the water next to the crystal-covered dock is mesmerizing.

pebbledash said...

It's always inspiring dropping by here, thank you for sharing, and for keeping going through the tough times. I know what it's like to lose a parent, and I admire you both for still finding some beauty in your days, and posting it for all to enjoy.
Looking forward to more!
D x

cindy : quaint said...

i'm fairly new around these parts, but i look forward to your snapshots every morning. such an interesting year for the both of you. it was nice you could support each other through such difficult times. thanks for sharing.

~d said...

oh, happy, happy birthday to sea and sky. earlier posters said it best - thanks to you both for continuing to share yourselves through a beautiful and difficult year.

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Sea and Sky is a collaborative photography project and journal. Sea is M from Seattle, WA and Sky is Gilly from northern England. We have never met in real life but met and have been photo-journaling on a photo community site since 2006. In October, 2007, we decided to form our own journal, with side-by-side images comparing and contrasting our days lived far apart. There are no rules and we will not normally coordinate what we shoot. We may not even post every day as we’d like to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making our own work. It’s an organic and free-form journal of our lives as they unfold.
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