Friday, February 29, 2008



For the next few days, we are so pleased to have Alicia from Mayfly as our guest poster. Sky and I have both loved her work for a long time and we are thrilled she is participating! She is a Kansas city artist, muralist, mother of two, a great photographer, and her blog Mayfly is absolutely gorgeous. Add it to your list of daily blogs to visit.


Alicia A. said...

oh, you are so sweet. that description makes me sound busy! ;)

emily said...

this pair. makes it look like you two have been pairing together forever. stunning.

sky said...

oh I think this is a beauty.

(your grandmother, M?)

Sea said...

Alicia - you must be busy to do all that!

Emily - thank you so much, Alicia made it easy on me by giving me beautiful pictures.

Sky - My grandfather's sister so you're in the right era (my great aunt).

Elizabeth said...

wonderful pairing!

hrsj said...

beautiful fragrant memories here ladies.

Sea = M = Left / Sky = Gilly = Right

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